Sunday, March 13, 2011


                                                            Tanked  Oil  5 x 7                                

Sometimes, there is just a scene or subject that you just HAVE to paint. This is the tank that provides the gas to heat my studio and when I walked by it one summer day this beautiful pattern of light and shadow appeared. More often than not I find that ordinary objects a scenes at some point in time just call to you. Paint Me, Paint Me, this one did and I did. This fulfills the need I have to paint what I see as wonderful in a small space of time,. Perhaps these are not always the most salable paintings but there are sometimes the most fun to do. I also have been working on stronger colors and greater contrast with limited palettes such as this.
I am especially enjoying posting this today as this is covered in several feet of snow after a two day storm. But this is a reminder that summer will be here again .
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  1. such interesting shapes, Jean, in the foliage, the shadows and the tank itself. Your well-trained eyes and those of other excellent artists allow you to see the possiblities in a scene that have to be pointed out to the rest of us. Just excellent!

  2. Love this one, Jean! I know sometimes the simplest things can be so beautiful. I miss summer!