Saturday, March 26, 2011


                                          Emerging pastel 7 x 5 inches

Spring is a time of newness to the earth. I love Spring and the new growth that pops up as though by magic from the blanket of leaves that kept it protected during our Minnesota winter. It is amazing to watch these seemingly tender ferns unfurl and send a shock of green against the woodland floor. They seem to be telling us that this is just the beginning so we must keep vigilant so as not to miss the other plants still sleeping beneath their leafy blanket.
This pastel was difficult in trying to keep from putting in more information than to simply tell the story. I agonize over that problem
frequently and keep telling myself,"Less is More".
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  1. I just love this! What a wonderful symbol of renewal with these little fronds pushing up out of the ground. You captured them beautifully and the lighting is phenomenal! Special.