Sunday, November 16, 2014

Beauty is Bark Deep

Beauty is Bark Deep  6 x 8 in. on Carton Paper 
The background of this birch painting is the actual color of the Carton Paper. It is treated with a special resin and is much like what the  artists in the 1800's used. It will take oil  or pastel without any special surface added or if you wish you can use white or clear gesso. So far I have painted on it as it comes. It does absorb the paint giving your brush a dry feel and I loved working on it. Even the color  has a richness I like.

Pine Tree.....Mini

Pine Tree.....Mini  2.5 x 3.5 pastel
Yes, it really is that small. Very fun to do, can be matted in a wide mat or sealed in a crystal clear bag and displayed on a small easel. Great gifts or if you only have a small space work great on a shelf.
If you want more information on supplies etc. you can check out . Needless to say I had  more trouble taking the photo than I did doing the painting. For more information on these small pastels, go to Karen Margulis blog and U-tube video. Thanks for all the info Karen

Art & Chocolate Group

Art and Chocolate , How Sweet it Is
I have started a new event for small groups of 5 or less. I serve coffee , tea, lemon water and a number of chocolate delights and everyone does an oil painting in two hours and goes home with a framed painting and a new experience and choc full of chocolate.  Now how fun is that?

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunnys in the Garden

Sunnys in the Garden   Oil on canvas   12X12
A few gloomy days and winter on the horizon, just had to get in a bright cheerful painting. I used some new brushes on this, different feel while painting. They are made by Rosemary's Brushes and are called Ivory Flats, very interesting and will use them many more times. I am used to Bristle brushes and this was fun to feel the difference in paint application.
No changes , no growth so am constantly trying new items I suggest you challenge yourself and your painting in some way each time you pick up a brush or pastel.