Sunday, October 14, 2018

Golden Cascade

Golden Cascade  Oil  4 3/ x 10 in. oilon canvas panel           SOLD
The glories of Fall, cascades of golden leaves dress the birches in garlands of  color . the beauty is all too short, brought to a halt by wind and rain.......then the trees are bare until the Spring.

Strutten Their Stuff

Strutten Their Stuff   Oil On panel 10 x 10   $185.00
Two Roosters out checking  the area for Chicks , enjoying the morning sunshine. This is done with both brush and palette knife work, creating great texture.
Makes me smile and hope it does the same for you.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Across the Meadow

Across the Meadow  On a field filled with native grasses and wildflowers, looked and felt like a great place to throw a blanket on the ground and have a picnic. I imagined cattle grazing here at some time but now it is just a quiet place to pause and enjoy the beauty.

Jessica's Chickens

Jessica's SOLD
One of my favorite subjects, chickens doing what chickens do best...eating their way through the farm yard, true free range

Into the Marshlands

Into the Marshlands  6 x 8  Oil on linen panel
I am always challenging myself, this was all done with a palette knife  with a time limit of 30 min.
I tried to create depth and a feeling of  a delightful day in wetlands.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Cattail Fluff

Cattail Fluff 6 x 8 Oil on linen panel         SOLD
As a child I loved to pick the newly burst cattails and tickle under my nose with the soft down bursting forth.The tall stately cattail becomes a stem of fluff to be cast by the wind so there will be seed spread for a new patch in the Spring.

Field Patterns

Field Patterns  8 x 10 Oil on panel $195.00
Born and raised in the rich soil country of the Red River Valley of the North, I never tired of the beauty of the clean rows of new seedlings coming up, then the waving grain and then the golden grain swallowed up by the combine like a monster with a voracious appetite.

Golden Glow

 Golden Oil on Linen Panel 6 x 8  $145.00
 This is the delight of Fall, the golden remains of a harvested field and at the edge the last Golden show of leaves before the cold winds scatter the leaves and the the field is blackened  by the plow.Then comes the white of winter