Tuesday, April 29, 2014

In the Wild

In the Wild  6 x 6 oil on panel
I love flowers but the wild ones are my favorites, they grow in unexpected places and bring a sparkle of color. These were on the grounds of Mt. Carmel where I teach painting most of the summer. I walk the path along Lake Carlos where it is located  and each of the nine years I have been there give me new delights.
This is a small painting with big impact.
I began using the grisaille  method described in my Strutten post. I used sap green and a bit of dioxanine purple covering the panel with those oil colors and liquin. when that was done I used rag, Q-tips and dry brushes to lift out the color where the flowers, lighter leaves and grasses would be. Then when that was dry I used my oil colors with a touch of liquin to give the color you see. This is an almost magical way of having the painting almost paint itself and simply "appear".

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Path of the Morning Rays

Path of the Morning Rays  6x8 oil on canvas panel
This is the view I see each morning out my front window, the sun's rays at sunrise sneak through openings in the houses and landscape and illuminate with a delicate light  the joy of sun in the morning.
Yes, this is snow and no, we don't have snow today, but heavy rain and unseasonably cold for Spring.
However, this scene makes me feel warm and happy.
Enjoy the moment.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Strutten His Stuff

Strutten His Stuff   16 x 20 oil on canvas
This handsome devil is going to steal the hearts of some young chicks. The technique on this oil is a bit different from what I usually do in oils.
To begin color is rubbed all over the canvas, in this case yellow ochre and burnt sienna and in the lower two thirds burnt umber.The oil color is mixed with a medium, I used Liquin. You then carefully lift away the areas you want light and medium in value and leave the darks as is. This was a technique used by the old masters and is called a grisaille (gree' zay). Originally done in gray or in all umber tones, this is a fun little variation.
The lights of the canvas show through wherever you wipe away the paint. Then I chose to embellish the painting when the wipe out layer was dry. More fun than I care to admit.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Llit by Sunlight

Lit by Sunlight 12 x 12 in Oil on Canvas
This painting was inspired by sunlight coming in the front window illuminating the yellow begonias I had received as a get well gift. How lucky am I to enjoy the plant twice once in my house and once trying to capture it in paint.