Friday, November 23, 2012

Just Waiting.......But for Whom?

Just Waiting..........But for Whom?  pastel on board 7x5
This old rusty chair seems to be stoic and waiting for someone to come and sit or visit. .....I wonder how many stories it could tell?  I am filling my head with all kinds of thoughts and maybe even memories.  I invite you to do the same.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Morning Burn

Morning Burn 5x7 pastel on board
I love to capture the burn of light where it is so bright it goes from white to a more intense color as it hits the trees. There is an ethereal feel to the admosphere and the light that shines and illuminates the landscap as it filters through the trees.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Chick, chick,

Chick, chick, 5x7 pastel on hand- made paper
Emilie, gets chicks each spring and I have painted her older chickens several times but these are new ones just fresh from the hatchery, what fun, I remember getting hundreds of these at once time and having to dip each beak in water and food before placing them  under the heat lamp to stay warm and secure. As they become teenagers they become kind of ugly with funny feathers sticking out all over and this happens within several weeks; so this is the cute stage for sure.
This is done on a hand made paper that I have left exposed that I won as a first place winner in a show awhile back. The package of paper had five sheets and was wrapped in gold metallic tissue; too precious to use and got brave and did this on the first sheet I have used.( this was at least 15 years ago). I am at a stage in my life where I think I need to enjoy these  papers and not just leave them tucked away.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Perenial Bachelor Buttons

Periennial Bachelors Buttons 5x7 pastel on panel
These delightful flowers go by another latin name but they are  wonderful, they have a kind of lanky and graceful movement when the breezes hit them in the garden and withstand most of the elements of dryness, rain or wind. They have a freedom in them that the more formal flowers in the garden lack. I was fortunate to get these from a wonderful gardener by the name of Bev. I have recently moved and will miss these constant reminder of a free and beautiful spirit. Thank you Bev for the garden flowers we shared.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Little Bird

Little Bird 6x6 in. on LaCarte paper
Photo reference for Little Bird. It is obvious from this photo that  much needs to be done to create a painting from it. I will many time choose a photo that leaves much to my imagination, it seems to get my creative juices flowing. Since I have been away from my easel for several months, this was a fun challenge.
Further challenges besides the photo was that being absent from the easel I broke my cardinal rule, NO FIXATIVE. You guessed it , I used fixative and it spattered spots all over so had to go back to square one.  In spite of my mistakes I am happy with the  piece and will try to post on a more regular basis. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Open House

These are a few photos of my new studio/ gallery as it was set up for my Open House, thank you to all who came to make it special. I have met so many new artists and people interested in the arts that I think this will be a fantastic place to be for the classes and gallery. My Family is greatly responsible for all of this to happen in  the 9 weeks since we have moved here. The Lord has richly blessed us.