Thursday, March 3, 2011


                                                   Daylily oil  6x4
You will frequently see paintings of daylilies on my blog. They are abundant at Mt. Carmel Retreat Center where I spend many weeks teaching oils and pastels. This was also done for the Dailypainters one stroke challenge and was both fun and frustrating. These day lilies are always a  ray of sunshine whereever they are planted on the grounds and have become favorites.
Here in Northern Minnesota we have had a day of sunshine in the 20's  not bad, we love anything these days that is not cloudy snowy or cloudy.
You may notice in a lot of my florals I work with a strong complimentary color to what my flower is. I have a tendency  to paint with more subtle colors and soft edges so I constantly challenge myself by choosing a limited palette and often complimentary colors .

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