Sunday, June 22, 2014

Circle of Life

Circle of Life  Oil on linen panel, 12 x 12 Sold
This is a Mallard Duck nest, created by the female whose colors blend in perfectly with the dried leaves and grasses. She was a very patient and good egg sitter in my neighbors flower bed. Nothing seemed to frazzle  her. A small tap on her wing and she stepped off long enough for me to snap two photos and then gracefully back and hunkered down over her clutch of 15 eggs.
I titled this Circle of Life because about two days before these were to hatch the nest was raided by a raccoon or skunk giving them food for themselves and young and denying the birth of the next generation of ducklings.
This is the third  in a nest series and I will say to capture the egg color was a challenge, the photo is not quite accurate but the best I could get, they are a bit more greenish.
This was an awesome experience to see and to paint, I feel blessed to have preserved this beauty in a painting.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Winter Nest

Winter Nest 7 x 5 oil on panel
The stillness of winter and snow seem desolate but the nest waits for Spring and hopefully with a bit of refurbishing a new bird family will fill it with eggs and new life.
This is a subtle, moody painting, for me, very thought provoking....what do you think?