Sunday, February 27, 2011

End of the Season

End of the Season  pastel 14x21  SOLD
Yes, another winter painting. This painting is moody, a part of my artwork that I have been working on. Subdued color typical of the last of fall and the arrival of snow.  Subtle tones predominate with the only bit of color that stands out being in the flowers themselves.  This is a quieter time of year for us here on the farm and I will be spending more time in the studio rather than in the gardens weeding and harvesting the bounty they give. I have a summer kitchen in which everything picked goes into the refrigerator for immediate use or into the sinks to be washed, and either frozen or canned. Some will also go to a local food bank or sold to neighbors.
Some may look at this as a sad time of year but I look at it as a time for rest for all the plants and the soil.

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