Monday, July 4, 2011

Pretty in Purple

                                       Pretty in Purple oil on linen panel 12x12
Lilacs are always nostalgic for me to paint. I remember them from the farm where I was born and how proud my Mother was because she had the deep dark purple that were more unusual than the usual medium colored violets. Now , many years later on the farmstead where my husband grew up and we have made our home, the lilacs his Mother planted so many years ago still bloom each spring. They seem to bring a connection to the seasons of my life. The fragrance fills the room and when I put them on the altar in our small country church it is a reminder of the many years these have been placed there by many generations.  Perhaps others will have memories of these well known blooms.


  1. This is incredibly beautiful, Jean! I can almost smell them! They bring back great memories of our lilac tree over my sandbox when I was very young. You show such amazing skill with these leaves and flowers. Well done!

  2. This is perfect...I can almost smell your of my favorite flowers..the leaves and flowers are sooo well made them real, yet, you did not lose the touch of this being a painting...I think this must be very hard to do.

  3. This is very beautiful. Your work is very convincing. I love it.