Sunday, June 26, 2011

Old Mill

Posted by PicasaOld Mill oil 6x6 on  linen panel
This old mill reminds me of the many years I was curator of our county museum and we would go to a historic mill not far from here, the water driven mill had been converted to being run by an antique steam engine, it was always hot and sticky our and since the flour was ground by huge millstones at the end of the day, the stones had to be lifted and cleaned, no small job since they weighed hundreds of pounds each.  This job was made more difficult by the fact we dressed in period costumes , petticots and skirts , bonnets and high button shoes.  Met many interesting people and of course became very sympathetic with our ancestors who did this to provide flour for themselves and the community.   I can hear the water trickling by  and on a hot day it was an especially soothing sound.


  1. They sound like wonderful memories, Jean, and your painting is delightful!

  2. This painting has a lovely textural quality and it's good to know the back-story. You've communicated your enchantment with "place." Thanks so much for your comment on my blog . . . I guess there are always frustrations. I listened to a replay of a Terry Gross interview with Peter Falk who died recently. She asked if he was frustrated by being type-cast as Columbo. He chuckled and said, "well, it ain't cancer." Since hearing that I remember to feel grateful that now I actually get to paint. Whether it's a good painting day or not, I spent it the way I'd always wished.