Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Flock

                           The Flock 8x16 oil on panel

Living on a farm this is how we are used to seeing our chickens on a daily basis. Long before the term free range etc. the chickens were out during the day and locked in the hen house at night, hopefully to keep them from predators. They were like little children in the yard, picking seeds, bugs and worms and picking fights with each other as well. The greens of summer made all of the different varieties look like color jewels with their shiny feathers catching the sun. Our family dog would lie in the sun and just watch for awhile and then sleep in the sun, never bothering them at all. They co-existed with a leave me alone attitude which seemed to work just fine for everyone.
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  1. Love your description. I'm new to the country, well, after washing out on an earlier attempt. The bunting made his merry escape around noon. I had lured him with seed and water. All that resulted was two hummingbirds coming in to join. Fortunately, we were here to encourage a retreat when all collapsed from dehydration.
    Congratulations on a long marriage. What a wonderful thing for you and your family. Happy, happy birthday.

  2. Oh, and in case you don't refer back to my do not have to steal my idea. I want to give it to you! For your birthday. And always remember, there is really nohhing new under the sun. Ha!

  3. This painting makes you want to go there...the wonderful suggestion of spring/summer in the background with the idealistic and in your situation real way for chickens to live their lives in such a beautiful and natural setting...Ellie