Saturday, May 28, 2011

Alvarado , Summer of 2011

                               Alvarado,MN. Summer of 2011 6 x 8 oil on linen panel
We live five miles north of the town of Alvarado, MN and because of our extremely flat land in the heart of the Red River Valley of the North we can clearly see the large elevator and storage bins from our yard. We have had an exceptionally wet, stormy spring and although you can see the green of the tree and grass line, the field is still shiny with water standing, delaying planting yet another few days. The unusual light of the the sun behind the storm clouds illuminates the tall structure, or as we call it here the skyscrapers of the prairie. To some this may seem a boring flat land but it truly has a beauty all its own.
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  1. A very dramatic sky, Jean, and I like the reflections of the storage bins in the standing water. This painting lets me see the area in which you live. :)

  2. Jean! I love the sky in this painting...the light, the reflection in the water....SUPERB! Best of all is the Minnesota black field dirt...I can almost smell the soon to be plowed field...once the water dries up that is! Wonderful painting.

    Nikki H