Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lookin for Lunch


                                         Lookin for Lunch  4.5x6.5 oil on panel

Some of my favorite subjects to paint are chickens, they come in all colors and sizes and are more fun to paint than to raise.  These girls are out on the farm lookin for bugs, seeds etc. , something they seem to do anytime they are not in their nesting boxes laying eggs.  And of course we love the HEN FRUIT for breakfast.


  1. Jean, this is a really wonderful painting. You've captured the plump chicken "shape" just perfectly, and they look like they could move at any moment.The grass is fantastic with the texture and all the warm and cool greens.

  2. Wonderful feel to this! Love the variety of textures, something I'm trying to add to my repertoire! Hen fruit! I'll have to remember that . . .