Sunday, April 24, 2011

Crabby Baby

                                                 Crabby Baby 6x8 inches pastel
This poor little guy is obviously too young to be on his own. His baby feathers are sticking out among his new feathers and it seems there is nothing that is right in his little world, but I can't help wanting to pick him up and console him.
This pastel is done on pastel board and what I call drip and run. I lay the panel flat with the sketch on it. I then use soft pastels in colors I want in the area then use a small spray bottle and spritz the pastel and tilt the panel to get it to drip and run. I call these appropriately Drip and Run pastels. The co-mingling of colors is not unlike watercolor. I then move on with pastels in the regular way.
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  1. I LOVE this little guy, Jean. He looks so innocent! The drip technique is really effective and adds texture and interest. One of my favorite paintings!!

  2. I Love this little guy. I can acually hear him voice his displeasure! What a fun moment you've captured here

  3. Aunt Jean - this is so adorable! The technique is very cool. I hope he's next in the group of greeting cards you've produced. I would love to buy some.

  4. Hi, again. I have a painted bunting in my living room. Can't get him out. He is so beautiful that I'm afraid for him. Reminded me of your little birdie.
    I baited him with a little seed and water.

  5. I love the delicacy of this and how you captured a little wild thing's "mood."
    All of your work has a wonderful sensitivity and delicate touch.