Monday, August 12, 2013

No Butts About It

No Butts About It  Oil on linen panel 10 x 6 in.
This rooster, Henry is leading his harem, perhaps astray! I wanted to show early morning light when the chickens are let out of their coup and go off hunting for whatever chickens hunt for.
I wanted this painting to have  the light encouraging you to enter the picture , not just chickens but a scene that can be seen on almost any farm raising chickens.
I began with an underpainting, and then worked from dark to light. There is a delicate light violet on the edge of the bushes and in the grasses. Scumbling helped keep the delicate background gently recede.
As this rooster and his harem hustle off, all we see is BUTTS, No Butts about it!

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