Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Just Sittin

Just Sittin 12 x 12 oil on gallery wrap canvas
This hen is just sittin minding her business of laying eggs. We raised about  200 of these laying hens and provided eggs for us, neighbors and a shelter. They required much work and although I do love fresh eggs and painting chickens I am glad I am not caring for them any more.
I do love painting chickens of all breeds and always find them interesting and each seems to have a personality. When they are in their nest  they seem to be all fluffed up, I think to protect the eggs they have laid or that eggs that are yet to be laid.

1 comment:

  1. You are such a master, Jean, of many things. One of which is painting chickens! Now, I know why. You've had many years to study their shapes, habits, colors and textures. You make them look as if they could "cluck" at any minute! I think almost everyone can relate to chickens in one way or another. Love your combination of colors!