Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Cottage

The Cottage 10x10 in. oil on linen panel
My first trip to Washington state to visit my son, in spite of rain all but one day I found all the greenery  almost overwhelming. Since we have nearly 9 months of cold or winter on the prairie. Most of all I couldn't believe that all the vines you see in the foreground are wild blackberries. They are considered nothing short of a plague as they grow everywhere. Needless to say in our climate we would be lucky to get them to grow even if we pampered them. So what is one persons poison is anothers good fortune, go figure.

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  1. Just so beautiful! My family and I used to tromp through many of those wild vines to gather berries. Wild raspberries, blackberries, ollalah berries - all so good made into jams and pies!