Monday, December 26, 2011

Nature's Memorial 20x24 oil on linen panel
Here on the prairie trees this size are in the minority. This beauty sits in what is now a large field where crops are planted but as an infant it was on the homestead of a local family's ancestors. It is all that remains of the hardwork, hardships and life of one of the many pioneers that settled this praire, flat and at the time of homesteader , sparsely poplulated. The shade and beauty of trees was honored. Thanks to the owner of this property the tree stands as a memorial to the family that homesteaded it and to the many pioneers who came to this area for a better life.
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  1. Jean, what a beautiful piece! Thank you for sharing on your blog.

    Susan Fryer Voigt

  2. Thank you, this was a true joy to paint and how lucky I am it is nearby so I can see it change in the different seasond